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Any interesting trends from Covid-19

I did wonder why RAF Brize Norton (EGVN / BZZ) seemed so busy of late…

100,000 flights tracked by Flightradar24 for the first time since 22 March

The U.S. Transportation Department said late Friday it had granted tentative approval to 15 airlines to temporarily halt service to 75 U.S. airports because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Airlines must maintain minimum service levels in order to receive government assistance, but many have petitioned to stop service to airports with low passenger demand.

Looks like air traffic is picking up in CYOW airspace. Slowly but surely. :wink:

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Very quiet day today over Germany where all the recreational flights are missing due to weather.

I spotted someone self-isolating earlier this week…



Nothing exciting happening here…

Just playing around with the data my local VRS has created. Timeframe started April 17th (the date where in installed VRS) and goes until today.
Counted are all flights which were recorded by one of my two receivers

Either the captain has forgotten to turn off the oven at home or Condor started with some sightseeing flights across EDDF as they need to move the aircraft from time to time :sweat_smile: :joy: :rofl:

Interesting data. Did you get that data from the database writer plugin?

Yes, that’s the only reason why i am using Virtual Radar Server locally. I am a fan of such stats and values :slight_smile:

The data is then evaluated with Tableau in the free Community version. I need to export the data to CSV format as the free version does not offer direct access to SQLite databases

Three Laudamotion A320 in a row, obviously position flights

Leaving Vienna for ever?


News about it (in German):

My own stat for this month…
S/W Germany (ACFT seen per day)

Comparision 2019

One of the rare Lufthansa Airbus A380 in the air. Lucky catch in current situation

I’ve just hit 2,000 aircraft seen today for the first time in months.


I’ve hit the dizzy heights of 134

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It’s al relative, I bet that’s the highest you’ve had for a long time.