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Any interesting trends from Covid-19

Some increase last week , AMS airport
From 11 April KLM will startup some european flights.

Same here in middle germany

Three United approaching FRA. Interesting flight path of one of them :slight_smile:
Seem to be that he needs a second attempt as he’s now doing a 360.

I assume they wanted to change the approach direction but then decided to keep it.

A couple of minutes ago i saw by chance the first time zero aircraft on my map.
It took me a few seconds to realize my receiver is not broken :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I’ve given up trying to predict what’s going to happen each day, it’s really quite impossible to even guess.

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Another day and we are starting to ease the lockdown restrictions and a few more commercial flights a day can be seen.

It is Autumn here and sunny still days so many, many GA planes are out and about and a great deal of training flights.

I have mentioned previously that there is a flight training school based at Moorabin Airport (MBW/YMMB) flying two planes with the same ICAO number (VH-PPY and VH-UUQ)

I piped the output of my Pi to adsbScope running on a PC with a 12 hour history.

Here is the confusion caused by the duplicate ICAO numbers


Looks like the business is slowly coming back. Long term view for 2020 covered by two receivers, recorded aircraft:

Today is the busiest I’ve seen it for over a month. There is a noticeable increase in GA aircraft and I’m seeing over 80 aircraft at once for the first time since the lockdown started.

Initially i thought my setup is broken while i saw this values…
But looks like the sunday evening is very quiet here.

Knowing that half a year ago i received 100+ aircraft at this time/day it’s very weird

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Rat pack training

Seeing a definite trend upwards over the last 30 days here in the UK Westcountry.
Pic taken at noon today: over 400 aircraft - which is double the daily total just a month ago!

Things are looking up - in more than one way :slight_smile:

looks like… both receivers are having a slight uptrend (i swapped them some days ago)

However the majority is still cargo

Long term chart for the whole year. Both receivers, no filtering of flights.

Yesterday was my busiest day for a couple of months.

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Definite upward trend showing in the UK.

Most of the increase seems to have been GA traffic. There were a lot of light aircraft about yesterday.

Seems like the slightly modified lockdown rules have given people confidence to do whatever they want. The local airfield still has a notice saying it’s closed on their website, but it’s obviously not because they had people doing circuits yesterday and there’s been traffic departing today. This is the last 24 hours below 5000 feet:

Edit - it appears that the government have specifically allowed recreational flying: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/coronavirus-covid-19-recreational-general-aviation/coronavirus-covid-19-recreational-general-aviation

Same here. only five non-leisure flights and one C-130 (US Air Force)

Topping out at about 100 or so total at any time for the last month or so. Plenty package carriers with destination OAK, and aircraft to and fro Asia.

First day since > 30 days with 1000+ reported aircraft. To be fair it was a high traffic coming from recreation flights