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Any interesting trends from Covid-19

I had a big drop yesterday, down 13% on my previous low day although I think traffic on Easter Sunday is always low anyway.

Today is looking even lower.

This is following a few days where there’s been a slight increase of daily traffic.

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Same here. I assume less traffic due to easter holidays where also the cargo crews need some rest.

Fun fact:
The amount of small private aircraft yesterday was higher than the amount of business aircraft.
I assume they all used the good weather conditions

17:40 over the UK. Even on Easter Monday, I’d expect to see three hundred aircraft up there.

Never have seen such a Monday like today. I would expect that it will slightly increase tomorrow after the holidays. Meanwhile France declared to keep the restrictions until May 11th.

Last 2 weeks:

The figures speak for themselves:

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Poor souls.
I am playing 'Oh, look a plane ’ up here in Central Scotland…
48 yesterday and excitingly 33 so far today,
the excitement LOL

as expected more traffic today…


It’s 3PM now and my receiver got almost the same amount of aircraft as yesterday for the whole day.

South Africa on the coast so not getting any of the repatriation flights. Saturday/Sunday and Monday saw ZERO flights… One today… woohoo

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Same here. I’ve been looking more frequently this week. Private aircraft and cargo are about 75% of traffic most of the time when I check the map. But still get a few bursts of passenger airlines coming in mostly mornings and afternoons. Short spikes up to 20 aircraft at a time.

The nights are getting less traffic recently.


Thanks to Covid-19, and the fact that our airspace has been shut down for all but Military (the very odd one here) and repatriation flights (which we don’t get anywhere near my station), and also in part to FlightAware not recognising my station without flights (even though I am connected 100% 24/7/365), I have now officially lost my “longest streak” of 784 days as of April 10. I am sure that FlightAware could somehow recognise a station that is still connected, even though there are no aircraft in the area. i was so proud of my streak, but alas - that has ended due to no fault of my own.


This is something of a philosophical question. If a site is connected but is not feeding any data, is it active? (A site with no receiver hardware would also fit this description)

@obj - OK. So I therefore infer from your response that FA is unable to distinguish between a connected site, and one that simply does not have an aircraft in range. I also assume that this applies to FA-issued FlightFeeders with built in GPS’s etc.
Don’t get me wrong; the “Longest Streak” stat is not really that important, but it is a “nice-to-have” and, since it is there, it becomes an inspirational tool to see how far we can get. Also worth noting is the “Enterprise Account” that goes along with being a feeder. Does that get lost with the Streak Stat?

I did not know that these existed. What exactly would be the purpose, if I might ask?
Thanks, and stay safe.

Sorry to harp on this, but looking at the below from my Stats Page, it says that my “Feeder” checked in 11 minutes ago … surely that defines that I have “receiver hardware”? Or am I again mistaken?


My point is that we cannot distinguish “feeder software is connected to FlightAware servers, but no data is being received because there are no aircraft in range” from “feeder software is connected to FlightAware servers, but no data is being received because the site is nonfunctional due to hardware problems”. The “streak” logic looks for aircraft data being fed to FlightAware, since that’s what really matters. It doesn’t try to understand why data is or is not being fed, just whether it’s there or not.

(Having a site that is connected but isn’t feeding any data because of a hardware fault sounds silly, but it actually happens a lot - piaware sites get set up and can run unattended for a long time, and e.g. if the host lose interest over time it can be sitting in an attic for a year with a weather-damaged antenna before anyone notices)

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Wasn‘t that feeding once in a month according to recent newsletter?

IIRC some people in the US lost their streak due to hurricanes taking out infrastructure like electricity, not their fault, but what can you do :confused:.

Yes, there’s a longer grace period there.

Looking on my screen shows only five commercial flights (Airbus, Boeing) but 15 other aircraft (private small ones or military)

Back up hugely today, I’m at over 1,000 aircraft tracked for the first time since the 27th March.

Sharp Drop in Rank as well as flights:

Back on March 9th, when I started this thread, I did not see a traffic drop. Now my daily flights are down from ~3200/day to ~1000 per day.

Back on March 9th, my rank was around 188. Right now, it is 362. I don’t think I have any changes to software or hardware, so I can only assume that the Baltimore/Washington area is seeing a larger drop than other areas.

Wondering who might have plausible explanations?