Antonov 124 - UR-8207 at KWER


Antonov 124 UR-8207 is currently at KEWR.

Does anyone know what call sign this plane flies under? I took a quick look at KEWR’s arrivals for the past few days and didn’t find anything. I’d love to see it depart.

I googled the tail number, and there was very little info available on this plane. This was one of the few tidbits I was able to find, and this is definitely the plane. … 7724216240.jpg



Found the inbound to KEWR: … /CYEG/KEWR


Back in February an Antonov departed KLGB using the call sign “Polet”, the company name. The three letter company ID is POT.

Your guy looks like it is owned by the Antonov Design Bureau, call sign “Antonov Bureau”.