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Antenna Question From A Flightaware Newbie

Two items I used but I don’t know if they are available in Australia.


First gets you a horizontal attached to your vertical.

The second gets you a vertical pipe attached to your horizontal pipe you just put up
Your choice of pipe but I used:

now it looks like you get a three pack instead of singles.


Why PVC and not metal? Is it so it doesn’t conduct electricity?

I was trying to prevent static but I probably doesn’t help. Also try to keep metal pole from affecting the mag field around antenna. Probable doesn’t help either. If I already had metal I would have probably used it.

Actually although PVC pipe very poor conductor, it’s a great holder of static charge. More than metal actually. Just ask woodworkers who use PVC for their central dust collection system :).

I use PVC for masts as well, for the cost and ease of use, and took care to ground the pipes.