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Antenna mounting suggestions

Moved it back after 20 Minutes, values went up to the previous levels again.

I actually ended up getting a kit from PlaneFinder. Gonna still build a PiAware kit for here. Especially since I’ll already have an antenna mount in place.

The previous contents of the can play a role.:wink:

Joking aside, the can dimensions are important.

Build a QuickSpider antenna, much better.

Depending on where your furthest direction is, you might be blocking a direction by placing the antenna in line with the wall.

And if it’s not the same can, you don’t know if it works as well.

at the window outdoor the antenna has unlimited sight. Indoor it is right beside the window

And it’s the same can i used indoor.
The only change was a difference in antenna height. Indoor it’s on the closet at approx 2 meter, at the window i mounted it at approx. 60 cm height.
I do not believe that this difference of 1.40 Meter really makes that difference
Maybe the improved antenna with the magnetic socket is not doing it better, independent from where you mount it.

Spider is planned for the weekend.

A possibility is that indoors the antenna is shielded from some serious RFI outside.

As for 1.40 m not making a difference in antenna positioning, indoors, centimeters can make or break reception.


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I assume you meant the last one :wink: