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Antenna is not working

I think my Kit’s antenna is not receiving a signal, is there a way to know?

Please define your kit so we know what we need to ask you

Assuming you have the Flightfeeder “kit” with antenna you will need to check your cabling etc.

What is your site log show? You can access it in your profile using the gear symbol

@BrunoMSartori has a flightfeeder BrunoMSartori ADS-B Feeder Statistics - FlightAware
You should contact FlightFeeder support adsbsupport@flightaware.com


So, I received this kit recently, and I already have practice with this type of installation, I send a signal to another company as well, of course I don’t know this kit and that’s why I have this doubt. Another issue that I also realized, studying how to install I realized that the receiver’s display keeps varying the signal, now everything is green, like everything is ok, now it is with the Radio with yellow signal and the MLAT as well. I did the installation correctly, the cabling is perfect, the connections revised and even so it has this intermittence, I have photos of how it looks but as I am a new member here they do not allow me to send.

you need to contact Flightfeeder support as mentioned in the previous post by jon