Antenna height and station position settings

Anyone missing those settings too?
I can’t find them anymore…

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Same here.

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Appears to be a bug. I asked the web team to troubleshoot it.

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The ability to edit your site location is still available as always. Sites with “Location Source: Receiver” means the location is being reported by the PiAware device directly (i.e., via attached GPS). If the location source is reported directly from the device then we always accept that value (this has always been the case, however we no longer show the option to edit it on My ADS-B as it wouldn’t actually do anything).

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Same query, but that answers that :slight_smile:

Even though my site, 77954, says “Location Source: User entered”, I don’t have the configure location prompt on the Control Panel.

Another user with several Sites, some with gps, others not, mentioned the same. It seems as soon as you have one site with a gps source, the option disappears for all. Maybe that is a cache problem? .

Yes there is a glitch that affects some sites (location configuration options not showing). A fix will be released this afternoon (Central US time).

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Thanks for the reply.

I’ll try clearing my cache and report what happens.

Kind regards,

Chris Johnston