Antenna changes give odd results


Have been testing the changes made this week for a while now.
I substituted in-line amps and added a reflective orb at the top of my mast.
The results on statistics were not at all what I was expecting to see. :open_mouth:
Here is a pic of some of the hardware I am using:

and here are the results I am seeing:


Happy April 1 :laughing:


Hi Katlitter - Excellent 8) 8) :laughing:


You seem to be receiving ghost reflection signals, I think this may be due to the multi-facet orb being slightly over dilated in the in the temporal domain causing double bubble parity errors in the dongle decoder.


Try running with --waka, that should close up that poor coverage to the east. You may need to specify it twice.


I struggled with antenna designs until I realized the solution was right under my nose! All I had to do was borrow my cat’s tinfoil antenna hat and all my reception issues vanished! :smiley:


Did you twist the antenna stems with the cats ears in them, or did you thread them in later?


I’m proud to consider myself a member of this group…

bob k6rtm


I got the Idea from your lava lamp a while ago. You are such an inspiration!


Off to get my foil skull kap…


Great one
pac man or pi man ?



Jepolch, just wondering. From the look on the cat’s face, did you wake up this am? :slight_smile: Sorry I was offline yesterday


I’ve heard of the CanTenna… but never this CATtenna.

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Sorry to say, that’s not my cat. I googled “tinfoil hat” and saw that picture and decided it was a good addition to this thread about oddball antennas. :laughing:

This, however, is really my dog. She’s a pathetic little thing, but we’re stuck with each other. She literally cries tears when I don’t give her a piece of what I’m eating. How sad is that? :laughing:


As Charlie’s T-shirt in my avatar reads- it’s a ruff life.


I think her mohican needs tidying, and a bit of blackberry dye to touch it up (comes out purple)


Actually, her Mohawk was tame in that picture. Here’s what it looks like it when it’s out of control. I have considered dyeing it, but never have. :slight_smile:


Sorry Jepolch,
The ORB OF POWER reflector that I installed on the top of my mast has allowed my setup to pass you on the statistics page. Up to 168 as of this morning.



Congratulations! I actually have no idea where I stand on that page, but more power to you and have fun! :smiley:


Have dog gone good day!

My dog from the shelter.



Its neat to see a happy pet that was given a second chance. Too many are not that fortunate.


Looks like this thread’s going to the dogs. I find that usually improves things. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: