Another PHL Diversion for a Child's Tantrum!


Seems all too familiar somehow…


Important questions:

Was this child wearing a seatbelt if the seatbelt sign was on?

What is the maximum decibel level allowed from a screaming passenger?

Was the child not given apple juice and if not, why not? :angry:


Those parents don’t know how to “parent.”


That’s what happens when the TSA doesn’t allow Child Anti-Tantrum Devices (CAD) past the security checkpoint.


Well, as a flight attendant, this has happened to me before. One time there was a young girl (I guess like 5) and she started screaming and yelling and crying while we were taxiing to the runway. We tried to calm the little girl but we had to turn around and take the passengers off the aircraft.

There are many reasons a child having a tantrum can be kicked off:

  • It is annoying to other passengers
  • The child may destroy airline property (i.e. saftey cards, seats, etc.)
  • Like Cessna citationX said, most of the time the parents do not know how to parent so the child could get out of control and run up and down the aisle, scream, not wear the seatbelt, get in the way of flight attendants during beverage/meal service.
  • Basically, its considered air rage (even if it is a child)