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Another feeding site named Neosky

There seem to be a new service esatblished in the APAC region called neosky
They are offering a “low cost, commercial of the shelf ADS-B receiver” which makes me laugh after seeing the pictures.

Wonder if they were inspired by @abcd567 cantenna solution.

(scroll the site to the middle where NEOsky Modules are listed and click on the most right “MyFeed” to get to the details page)


GSM antenna

The one shown can be an ADS-B as GSM and ADS-B are close to each other in frequency. So it depends on the length of the tip

I meant that this antenna is for indoor use.

But you did not write it :slight_smile:
Yes, this is normally for indoor. Maybe they expect not that much rain in the APAC region…

I was just laughing that they “sell” this as commercial solution

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This disc appears to be electrically welded to the pipe. I think this is a prototype.

To me it looks more like the antenna cable goes through. No rocket science