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Announcing the Pro Stick Plus!

Great. Weeks ago I wanted to buy the Pro Stick (yellow) and Filter from Amazon.de.
Stick wasn’t available so I just ordered the filter already with the intention to order the stick later when that comes available.
So I was waiting for the stick to come available. (was told supply issues in Europe)

Now that one is still not available and now this Pro Stick Plus comes out for less money.
Not happy…

Forgive me, but I’m new to this world of flight tracking…is this an alternative to the ADS-B unit from Flight aware or is it something that can be used to assist with reception?

I have the NooElec blue stick and a 1090MHz filter. How much better is this filter than the old FlightAware 1090 filter?

It replaces your current receiver, and adds an integrated filter. (you probably either have the yellow Pro Stick (which has an amplifier), or the cheaper NooElec unamplified receiver sticks)

I understand that you have been provided harware by Flightaware. The ProStick/ProStick Plus are NOT a replacement to Flightaware provided receiver (FlightFeeder).

The ProStick/ProStick Plus are required to be pluged-in into a computer (desktop/laptop/Raspberry Pi etc) to receive & process the ads-b signals. It is purchased and used by those who did NOT obtain Flightaware equipment.

I wish !!! eBay via WifiExpert is the only way I can get it … and the way the Pacific Peso (aka the Aussie dollar) is performing against the USD at the moment … :frowning:

Today’s rate: 1 US Dollar equals 1.34 Canadian Dollar

Pro Stick Plus = 20.99 US Dollar = 28.12 Canadian Dollar (Plus shipping)


Since I placed my order yesterday… Do these have the high-stability crystal?


bob k6rtm

10/31 Amazon Out of Stock

Demand is high from our first few days! We have more Pro Stick Plus inbound to Amazon USA this week. It will be back in stock shortly.

Also, Amazon Canada stock is just waiting for Amazon to check it into inventory in the warehouse so should be available soon there as well.


Amazon Canada is now available for pre-order and officially available starting tomorrow.

Pre-ordered at $26.50 CAD, and practicing being patient while awaiting delivery…

Pre-ordered can$26.50.Delivery date will be confirmed later by email.

And France ?

From: order-update@amazon.ca
Hello from Amazon.ca.
We now have delivery date(s) for the order you placed on October 31, 2016. We’ve listed the item(s) listed below with the expected delivery date(s):
"FlightAware Pro Stick Plus ADS-B USB Receiver with Built-in Filter"
Estimated arrival date: November 09, 2016

In my inbox this morning:
**Hello Peter Lowden,

“FlightAware Pro Stick Plus…” has shipped.**

Ordered Oct 28 Shipping soon Arriving tomorrow by 8pm
Hasn’t shipped but here tomorrow w/ 2 day shipping… grain-o-salt time?

amazon.com for me.
ordered last week. Just shipped today. Due Thursday(2 day shipping)

Pre-order placed yesterday 31st Oct.
Today morning received email "estimated delivery Nov 9"
Now received another email
"We thought you’d like to know that your items have shipped. Your estimated delivery date is: Wednesday, November 2.
Wow, getting it in 2 days after pre-ordering!!!
Well done Amazon Canada!