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Announcing PiAware 4.0!

No, the PID is entirely unrelated to version.

You can check the installed package versions by:

dpkg -l piaware
dpkg -l dump1090-fa
dpkg -l dump978-fa

The mlat-client has not been started by piaware.service, most likely that “allow-mlat” has been set “no” in your piaware.conf file.

sudo piaware-config allow-mlat yes followed by sudo systemctl restart piaware.service should solve that issue.

A PID (i.e., process identification number ) is an identification number that is automatically assigned to each process when it is created on a Unix-like operating system.
And a process is an executing (i.e., running) instance of a program.

More likely that the stations location hasn’t been set on the stats page.

I was putting off updating because I was using a modification to my SkyAware display that shows current gain and adds a control to update the gain setting, and I didn’t want to lose the functionality.

I hadn’t gotten around to doing any testing with the new version because I am both lazy and busy, and while I was procrastinating, the Pi auto-updated to 4.0 on its own.

Luckily, I just needed to add 3 lines back in to the updated index.html, since the update didn’t touch any of the other gain-related files.

I wish I could remember who to give credit to for this tool - I find it super handy for making quick changes and seeing the results in almost real time.

Ahh, here it is: Set Gain from Browser

Credit where it’s due, to @abcd567. Thank you for a useful tool! I can verify that it works with 4.0.

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Location was set. Following @jokessler’s suggestion got it started again. All versions are 4.0 now. Thanks everyone.

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Hi there, I am running piaware 4.0 and I have added a 3.5 inch display. but I cannot work out how to launch that nice new GUI on the LCD. I had manually installed originally rather than using a new SD card and now have upgraded a few times from the stats page. Can you tell me how to launch the GUI on the LCD screen. I prefer not to write a new card just to move to 4.0 as I have other projects running on the rpi that would then need to be reinstalled. Is this capability only on the SD card? thanks!

Did you (or anyone) find a solution for this? I also lost my HeyWhatsThat range rings with the update to 4.0. The upintheair.json file is still in the html folder(/usr/share/dump1090-fa/html/), but it no longer displays on the map.


It is in this thread somewhere.
You need to create an empty array.

Here you go.

Ah, thank you. Not sure how I missed that.

Auto update worked great. Thanks for fixing the static ip bug.

For 3.8.1, I had to change my router’s 2.4G channel to reliably access the skyaware map. Since the update, the map doesn’t load most days until I either reboot the pi device, or change the channel again. It will then load fine.

Also, the device status data seems to reset (i.e. system uptime) with the channel change. My node status page shows no break in connection on ‘hourly received reports.’ A little frustrating but workable.

My Jetvision Air!Squitter device upgraded this morning to 4.0 as well.

  1. Thanks a lot. I love the status GUI, and it installed perfectly using a waveshare clone (XPR2046) on an rpi 2B 1GByte (Revision a01041) without the issues that I have seen on other LCD controllers that needed modified drivers. The build has a default password so you need to access it via a terminal to change this.

  2. It is very useful to enable SSH to control the rpi. As the image does not come with this on by default, you can add this by opening the SD card from your PC and adding a blank SSH text file in boot. Then SSH will be enabled so you can change the password and add software, update the rpi, configure it… Can you add this as an option in the system GUI to enable SSH.

Now I have it feeding flight radar and opensky as well as flightaware. :slight_smile:

  1. Updated: I was wondering how to rotate the LCD as mine was inverted and the power cord comes in at the bottom, so I could not stand it up easily. I modified ‘dtoverlay=waveshare35a,rotate=270’ in /boot/config.txt. The default listed in ‘dmesg | more’ showed me that it was already rotated 90 degrees. (now I need to find how to rotate the touch input)

  2. I added ntpstat and pinout to make it more useful.

OK. I took the plunge, and reinstalled from the SD card to get the Gui. Then enabled SSH and re-installed my other projects. See below comments for details on what I did to add the other feeders.

Does Flightaware has any plans to introduce similar map?

The buttons “Focus” and “Coverage” are very useful filters.




We will be releasing PiAware v5 next month. While it doesn’t feature that particular map there are several new features in SkyAware that we think you’ll like.

I am adding something like that to our to-do list. Thanks for suggesting it!


This is great, thanks.

What I want most is revamping of piaware data feeder source code to get rid of need for:

  • tls
  • tcl
  • tclx
  • tcllauncher

I am able to build and install dump1090-fa on most distros like Arch Linux, Arch Linux for armhf, Fedora, RHEL, and many more, but failed to build Piaware data feeder on these, mainly due to above noted dependencies.

@obj: removing above noted dependencies will help me with my Frankistien installs :slight_smile:

The piaware feeder software is written in tcl, requiring tcl is unavoidable without a complete rewrite.

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