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Announcing PiAware 3! (Latest version: 3.7.1)


I did not think I could but I will load it again and test.




It’s easy enough to change the table on the right to have a column with RSSI, would that suffice?

You could also add RSSI to the hover popup or in the header of the box on the right.

Which of those options would you like? I can then tell you what to change, all those mods are rather easy if i know your exact version.


There some good suggestions here by the FA support staff (drag split bar between data grid and data box) but still this might not show the RSSI - because it is at the bottom of the data box, unless the zoom is at a very low percentage.
Since you have a 27" monitor, you could also open multiple instances of the browser windows (see attached image) with - for example - two separate map windows and two separate data grid windows.
This might require a few more mouse clicks, but maybe I’ll meet your requirements


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I reloaded 3.6.3 on one of the Pi and tried your suggestion in both IE and Chrome.

In IE I could not move the bar and drag it up.

In Chrome I could drag the bar up but by the time I could see the RSSI the table of aircraft was completely covered.

I normally run the monitors at 125% but set it back to 100% for these tests. My eyes are not as young as they once were and I cannot easily read most things at 100% and will go back to 125%.

I tried to drag the bar on my phone but that did not move either.

Thanks for your kind offer of help.

I currently have a piaware system running on a building top about 5 km west of here, one running on Cocos Keeling Island a few thousand km into the Indian Ocean and at the moment four at this location. One of the four will be relocated next week to a somewhat remote location on the South East Coast of Victoria (AU).

Maintaining all of these by running unmodified Flightaware images makes this all possible. I’m running three different versions of the piaware image and , as you suggest, the sorts of changes you are suggesting requires knowing the exact version and that just introduces a level of management that I have gladly left behind.

I appreciate the offer, thanks.

I was just feeding back to the development team that this new version may be quite shmick and flash looking, it takes away facilities I use all the time for my interests. (I know you can’t please all of the people all of the time).

I am happy to stay with 3.6.2 for the time being. It would be nice if a new version at a later date also includes some facilities for those who, like me, like to experiment with improving their reception.

Thanks for all your help,



Just if anyone else is wondering and wants to change something:

Normally when the map is displayed the RSSI column in the table on the right is hidden.
If only the table is displayed then the RSSI is shown.

We can change that so that RSSI is always shown by executing following command:

sudo sed -iE -e 's/showColumn(infoTable, "#rssi"/\/\/showColumn(infoTable, "#rssi"/g' /usr/share/dump1090-fa/html/script.js

And to revert that change:

sudo sed -iE -e 's/\/*showColumn(infoTable, "#rssi"/showColumn(infoTable, "#rssi"/g' /usr/share/dump1090-fa/html/script.js 

If you are more comfortable doing it via an editor:

# Find the following line (Line 1573 in 3.6.3)
showColumn(infoTable, "#rssi", !mapIsVisible);
# Add // in the front to always show RSSI column
//showColumn(infoTable, "#rssi", !mapIsVisible);

This should work reliably for dump1090-fa as the file in question was last changed in 2015.

I very much understand you don’t want to put up with the hassle and i understand, just wanted to put the HOWTO out there for others maybe looking for the same.

How to show gain setting
Change to flight tracking floor of Skyveiw

That’s great thanks.

I updated one of my Pi to 3.6.3 so I will give it a try tomorrow and see if that is the answer to my particular problem.

More importantly, the sun is going down and I have to go and cook pizza.



I passed this on to the web team to have a look at.


Good morning, SweetPea11. Could you provide the version of IE that you’re using? Thanks!


Afternoon Jon,

A bit more information;

When I click on a plane the detail list pops up at the bottom and I cannot drag the bar upwards in IE.

I can drag it down but if I try to drag it up again it stops at its original position.

If I release the left mouse button and then drag it down I can then drag it up past the original position.

Happy to help if you need more information.


The version of IE is



I tried that and it worked!!!

Thanks, and I will now think about changing my reference and test machines and keep experimenting.

Hopefully, FA may consider making it easier to adjust the info in the table.




Great… thanks… RSSI activated… http://rodyeo.dyndns.org/

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Thanks, RSSI Column now shows in map view.

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Great work!!!

I tried it when comparing between my reference system and my experimental system and it is hugely better having it always on view in the table rather than in the difficult to find table where FA have now hidden the RSSI.

However I have come to the conclusion that for the tests I am trying to perform the 3.6.2 version provides better and easier display.

Clearly it is a personal thing based on interests, use and circumstance;

  • I want to test changes to my infrastructure and this is the easiest way for me to compare before and after.
  • I have two near identical systems providing near identical observations.
  • I have abundant screen real-estate and multiple monitors.
  • My eyesight is not what it used to be and I need things on the screen to be a bit larger.



Can you make the change so that RSSI is shown also in the split window mode (map+sidebar) too?


That’s what the change does. Not working for you?

The full table displays it anyway.
You can also include it in the mouseover window.
I’ll try and get around to put up what to change.
It’s not hard but it’s a few more changes.


Oh. It doesn’t work for me then. I double checked, that line is un-commented (no //).
Ctrl-F5 multiple times (Firefox).


The change is putting in the //

The function showColumn is used to hide columns :stuck_out_tongue:
If you comment it out it will not hide that particular column.

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D ooh… me stupid :pensive:


So now here the method to display RSSI in the little mouseover popup box:
In file script.js add the second line after the first line:

# after this:
# add this:
        $('#highlighted_rssi').text(highlighted.rssi.toFixed(1) + " dBFS"); 

In file index.html add the second part of the following block:

# after this:
                    <div class="infoRow">
                        <div class="infoHeading infoRowTitle">Source: </div>
                        <div class="infoData infoRowContent"><span id="highlighted_source">n/a</span></div>
# add this:
                    <div class="infoRow">                                                                                                                      <div class="infoHeading infoRowTitle">RSSI: </div>
                        <div class="infoData infoRowContent"><span id="highlighted_rssi">n/a</span></div>

And now something @SweetPea11 will probably like, it puts the RSSI right smack after the call sign in the same font as the call sign (really big :wink: )


In the file index.html add the second line after the first line:

# after this:
<span class="identSmall" title="The aircraft's unique ICAO identification number shown in hexadecimal format."><span id="selected_icao">n/a</span></span>
# add this:
<span class="identLarge"><span id="selected_rssi">n/a</span></span>

@SweetPea11 If you don’t want to use an editor i’ve puzzled together a copy paste version:

string="<span class=\"identSmall\" title=\"The aircraft's unique ICAO identification number shown in hexadecimal format.\"><span id=\"selected_icao\">n/a</span></span>"
string2="\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t<span class=\"identLarge\"><span id=\"selected_rssi\">n/a</span></span>"
sudo sed -i -e "s#$string#$string\n$string2#g" /usr/share/dump1090-fa/html/index.html

Before defining the variables?