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Announcing PiAware 3! (Latest version: 3.7.1)


me too, but it happened many times when i put skyview and PP side-by-side.
this another reason, why I was asking https://discussions.flightaware.com/t/stats-pp-feed-vs-fa-feed/37595/5
.then again strange things happen in radio waves :wink:

ED1 this now 08:35 UTC


Thanks I’ll update that when I next log in.

EDIT: done that now reboots with modeac ouput! Thank you.


I found a couple of planes that have the nav modes field filled. See the second one, some work needs to be done for the arrangement :slight_smile:


HI all,
Have upgraded to 3.6.2 and VRS isn’t reporting ADSB but is reporting MLAT.
I tried both fixed above (added line to /etc/hosts and changing VRS options to Beast and port 30005) but no dice.
Any further thoughts?


All well on skyview though!?


Fixed - deleted old adsb feed in VRS admin and created a new one with beast/30005 port.

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Yeah, this is a bug in the port 30003 output in the dump1090 version shipped with 3.6.2. Sorry for the hassle.

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I upgraded to 3.6.2 a few days ago on my RPi 3 B+. Ran the update through the MyFA config.

Since the update, I’ve seen my daily stats cut by ~50%. The gain is still set to -10 … in fact, I made no configuration changes at all. Any suggestions for what I should do to restore my levels of flights and messages?


Hi All,

Just upgraded to 3.6.2 and now my station does not display airspeed or altitude on Skyview. What happened?



clear cache in browser

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Bam! Thank you! I suppose the is a good idea lol.


Actually you can “clear cache” for just the current page in most browsers pressing CTRL-F5.

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PiAware 3.6.3 is now released! See the release notes at the top of this thread for more information. The major change in this release is that Skyview is updated to make “extended Mode S” data a first-class feature. As a result, the layout of the aircraft details pane has changed.


Just upgraded and now really wished i had not.
Even with the info pane split at 50/50 with tracked aircraft its about 8 scrolls of a mouse wheel to see the info. The old popup box was much better, this now makes the UI feel cluttered

is there a way to go back to an older version of PiAware?

EDIT: i just figured if you hover over the aircraft it actually displays the popup info box so you can just slide the bottom info pane on the right all the way to the bottom so its out of view completely :slight_smile:


The aircraft details pane looks like this (now shows a lot more information; for example, see the Speed, Navigation, Tracking Information and Accuracy sections):

The overall interface looks like this:

Please note that you can resize the details pane to make it as big or small as you like.

Also note that you can mouse-over the various data fields to get a brief description of what each represents.

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Extended information is quite sporadic in some locations. Transponder need to have the ADSBv2 upgrade and local ATC need to request for the extended information. Extended information is very good for Europe and somewhat good in the USA. This will continue to improve in other locations as we get to closer to the 2020 ADSB deadline.

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Thanks for the reply Eric,

sadly it looks like this for me, if i want to see altitude on the info pane on the right then i simply cant see it as i have to scroll down, then if i change planes… i have to scroll down again.

If there was an option to re-arrange the order of the details then it would be useful.
Also the popup hover box for an aircraft would be useful if it didn’t auto close when the mouse moved and instead it only disappeared if you clicked on a blank part of the map.


so, no “in place upgrade” via My ADS-B page yet for 3.6.3? (if not pls advise possible time when this feature will be available for 3.6.3)


I’m on a rather small screen and if most of the old information was concentrated at the top of the window i would see this as an improvement.

I understand the categories though and they make sense. Also understand the design but packing the information a bit tighter would not hurt? :slight_smile:

Don’t really know how to improve it either with all the new information contained.

Maybe put the distance in the middle on the top where the callsign is?
UAL1032 54nm

Then the rest of the location information could be put below speed and altitude?