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Announcing PiAware 3! (Latest version: 3.7.1)

thanks for the very quick response…well done. i’ll wait for the automatic update.

Thanks obj, problem solved. :slight_smile:
Indeed I used port 30003 and format Basestation. In VRS I changed it to 30005 and format Beast. That did the trick.


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since upgrading to 3.6.2 from 3.5.3, I have lost my aircraft reported list that sits between 30 day ranking list and nearby stations list. Is this because I did not re image? Other than that, everything seems to be fine.

pi@piaware:~ $ uname -a
Linux piaware 4.14.39-v7+ #1112 SMP Sat May 5 12:01:33 BST 2018 armv7l GNU/Linux

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Ah strange, me too, didn’t notice that when I upgraded.


Retman, I just did the following;

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade

Then reboot


I did the same a few days ago.


to avoid FA server issuing a new id then change it to my original, I disconnect Internet, then copy a backup file with latest settings /boot/piaware-config.txt if on SD image, or /etc/piaware.conf if on Raspbian/Debian over the freshly installed files accordingly, and then re-connect Internet.

this also avoids adding to ‘unclaimed’ receivers that stay on FA lists for 30 days.

[ I use an extra SD card with USB adapter just for file transfer, backup-restore ops. ]

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Isn’t it simpler to just add the line feeder-id to the piaware-config.txt? Some people will have to edit the file anyways, for the Wi-Fi credentials. They may also need/want to add the blank ssh.txt file to the SD root directory.The card is already in the PC for the re-imaging. There is no connection to FA when this is being done.

Am I missing something?

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thanks, you are right.
I do not re-image the SD often, but upgrading from Internet via command line that’s how I noticed the ‘unclaimed’ changes. so my post then is limited to very few people who just upgrade instead of a fresh install.

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Unless the Pi is not easily accessible, a fresh install is always the best way to upgrade. Granted that if you have a lot of extras installed on the card, it becomes a PITA to re-install and re-configure everything after every re-image.

In my opinion, the best Piaware feature is how easy it is to configure it. All important settings are accessible in a single TXT file, easy SSH setup, Wi-Fi enabled, file system expanded. Once you get the hang of it, it does take minutes to upgrade.


I’m forced to get a fresh image on my SD card because updates went wrong. Of course, no copy made of the config file. So, can I manually add my feeder-ID somewhere?

Also managed to get VNC running again. But I’m not getting further than a login screen (tried pi/flightaware) but it always returning tot the login screen. Is there a administrator account active?

Although, If you want to tweak or install some things. It’s a Pain in the … to get things done. Any help appreciated

Enable SSH instructions: https://flightaware.com/adsb/piaware/build/optional
Set your feeder-id: https://flightaware.com/adsb/piaware/upgrade

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Feeder-ID works. cbd1aa59-270b-492a-b8ad-f31a940ed07b can be discarded.

I already figured out how to use SSH, but thats not the problem. I managed to instal VNC viewer using SSH. Now I use VNC to see my virtual desktop, but I’m not able to go any further than a login screen.

The feeder will disappear after 30 days from your stats page, but I think you could reactivate the site by using the feeder id even after 30 days.

After the feed is off for 48 hours or more, in My ADS-B >> Select site to be removed >> Configure, a link "remove this site appears. Clicking link will remove the station. The feeder-id will still stay with your account.

True, but you will get a brand new site number, not the old one.

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The PiAware images (older versions too, not just 3.6.2) are based on Raspbian Lite - i.e. no GUI components are installed. So VNC doesn’t have anything much to work with.

You’ll need to install packages for X, a window manager, etc. Here’s a starting point: https://raspberrypi.stackexchange.com/questions/65848/how-do-i-upgrade-raspbian-lite-to-raspbian-pixel

Ahh, that makes sense! Thanks for the info.

Or install a fresh Raspbian (full version) and then install PiAware as a package installation in that. Raspbian comes with a free license for full VNC capabilities plus everything installed ready to go, which is quite handy to have. You’ll then be able to VNC in, without needing to mess with ports or firewalls, and view your SkyView on localhost in the VNC session.

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I just use SSH/Putty and WinSCP for my management of Piaware Images.

Newly imaged Piaware feeding Planeplotter. Why does mode a/c not work?
It does not appear on Message counter or Mode a/c Altitude chart.