Anheuser Busch

Anheuser Busch has approx. 12 or so brewery’s in the US. Each day they fly samples from each to headquarters for quality testing. Are these samples flown private or catch a commercial flight? Can any of these flights be tracked. I believe most of the AB planes are blocked.


Don’t know how the used to do it, but A-B no longer has a flight department. They are gone, gone, gone. Another casuality of the economy and being bought by a foreign company.

One can only hope…any and all business is good!!

I’m pretty certain the tale of flying daily samples to the “home” brewery in St. Louis is a myth.

Each refinery has its own testing lab as well as its own brewmaster, what purpose would be served by shipping a sample to St. Louis?

Working in the Quality Control department at A-B wouldn’t suck! As long as Bud Light tastes like bananas, it’s ready to ship.

You’re partially right. It appears that samples are flown to St Louis but on a weekly, not daily, basis.

Since we happened to be there on Friday St. Louis Sr. Brewmaster Greg Sullentrop and Jane Killebrew-Galeski, Sr. Director of New Products for Brewing, described how a typical Budweiser tasting would go. Fifteen breweries make Budweiser - twelve in the U.S. plus the research brewery in St. Louis, the Stag brewery in London and the Wuhan brewery in China - and samples from each are flown in to be tasted.


Actually… they still own 6 airplanes. All Falcons. 900B, 900EX, a straight 50, and three 50Ex models. N885, N760, N48G, N83FJ, N85F are 4 of them. They are unable to sell them at this point although at least two of them are for sale.

The fact that they still own aircraft doesn’t mean that they still have a flight department. A-B has ceased it’s corporate flight operations.

The last that I’d heard was that since the buyout that at least some of the airplanes would be retained by family members. Although there was a dispute as to who would get to keep what…

Most of the QC occurs before the product is finalized. You’d be tasting unfermented, uncarbonated wort on most occasions. yuck.

My guess is either through Air Net Systems in their cargo LJ-35’s or through Labquest Diagnostics since both companies transport time sensitive cargo and are both HQ’ed not too far away from St. Louis.