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Android app hangs...

Hi - Been using the android app for a year… never any problems.
Over the past few weeks, once I load a flight or tail number. it just hangs on "Loading Flights."
Once in a while it does give the info, but even then, the info doesn’t usually refresh… even when I click refresh.

I have version 3.2.7 of the app, on a Droid Razr M using android version 4.1.2 on Verizon.
I did uninstall the app, & reinstall it, but no change.
An associate of mine is having the same problem on a new Samsung Note.
I use the app every day for work, & using the web interface is just more time consuming. So I hope you can fix this.


We have a major update of the Android app planned, but it probably is at least a couple of months away from being complete.

Thanks for responding… I hope it’s sooner than later.
For now, at least for me, the app is basically useless.

Same problem here on a Samsung Galaxy S2. However I have found that the hang only happens when using wifi. Using a mobile data connection works just fine!

Can you see if maybe your phone has an IPv6 address assigned when it does not work?

Settings, Wifi, Menu ("…"), Advanced, then scroll down to the bottom and look under “IP addresses” and see if you have any long addresses (ignore any beginning with “fe80”).

I’m looking into the possibility that some users don’t have a fully working IPv6 address on some networks. Unfortunately, there isn’t a way for you to disable Android’s use of IPv6 without having root access (I think).

We’ve made a change to our servers, which may take a few hours to propagate, but it may fix this problem for you.