Anatomy of a Cirrus Stall (Video) from AvWeb . . .

Accident occurred Feb 2 2008 N824BJ Lindsay OK - 2 fatal including instructor

YouTube Video from AvWeb, ‘Anatomy of a Cirrus Stall’.

NTSB report

Very interesting. I like the Cirrus’ wing…

Non-pilot comment:
It looks like the pilot kinda bungled the approach (finding himself way misaligned and too low). But it wouldn’t even have been called a bungled approach if he’d gone around and taken time to set it up better. The real mistake was to try to salvage that first try in two quick turns, instead of going around.

Is this a fair characterization?

Pretty fair

Plastic fantastic!!

Nooope. You can pretty much kill yourself in a metal airplane too if you’re a crappy pilot.