AN-12 cargo jet hits boeing 727

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pics are here:


This is how it happened, I guess.


Did you draw that yourself?


Nope found it on a Russian Forum.


Man, I was wondering…because it seemed like awful lot of damage to the AN-12 compared to the 727. They just didn’t show the worst of it on the right side of the Seven Two…


I can’t find any info on Canadian Airways. The name was last used in the late 1930’s in Canada.

Check out these pics below and look close at the peeling paint on both planes. It IS the same plane in both pictures: … 709/large/

Same plane with Delta, 2002: … 209/large/

Somethings up here??


X-Western Airlines bird.


More news. … 20080125-1


Check out the paint jobs HERE.

Could it be an Iraqi Airways jet with a hasty paint job?

*Operating for: Canadian Airways Congo
Leased from: Teebah Airlines *
from Aviation Safety Network

The plot thickens

That was your point, right?


Teebah has its hands in the Afgan Airline market as well.

…plus some more interesting news. … my_03.html

EU banned list … 4.28zd8goj

…and all this because I couldn’t figure out why an African charter company that leases aircraft from a company in Jordan that registers its planes in Sierra Leone and banned from operating within the EU would paste Canadian Airways on the side of a 727 with an Iraqi Airways paint scheme. :unamused:


From the same list…Thailand: Phuket Airlines…how do you pronounce that name?? :smiley:


Do they feature an all Fokker fleet?


Looked up two different places for Phuket. One said the pronunciation is POOH-KET while the other said Phoo-Get.


Foo-ket. Although we pronounced it differently back in the day!

Haven’t been there in dog’s years, but an author friend went there to pass his remaining days and found it so enjoyable that he stuck around for another 5 years, much to his doctor’s amazement.