Amount of traffic at a certain airport


Hi, I’ve been reading a lot of topics here lately, so I decided to finally join :slight_smile:. I am wondering if it is possible to find out how much traffic landed at Pearson International Airport (CYYZ), specifically on July 1, 2007. This is actually for a friend who is doing a law debate but I was the first to be asked this :smiley:

Thanks for your help, Igor.


Have you tried contacting the airport directly? The web site is


Thank you very much, I’ll try contacting them right away :slight_smile: . I tried to search for the numbers on there but to no avail…


If calling the airport proves fruitless, try the fine folks right here at FlightAware! :wink:

THIS LINK takes you to a page of recent graphs and contains links for more information including “Buy months of CYYZ history in Excel format