American Pilot suspended for taxiing too slow on purpose . .

A management pilot at American Airlines was taxiing his airplane behind that of a pilot at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport and decided the Los Angeles-based pilot was deliberately taxiing too slow.

As a result, the pilot in front has been suspended 15 days.

Airline Biz Blog American Airlines, pilots at odds over taxiing incident.

Wow, that is really dumb. Somebody has power and likes to remind people of his power.

:open_mouth: I hope that guy gets his $ back some day.

I hope the FAA takes action against Captain Osborne for violating the FARs in using his cell phone while taxiing. That’d be poetic justice.

I like this part:

As for Captain Osborne we would imagine his “do not pair with” list is growing by the minute in DFW.

As winter comes in the next few months what the hell then “Hey, he used to much glycol I’m telling!”