American B777-300 to be @ SAN August 3-4, 2013

American is sending a B773 to SAN on August 3 for the Global Business Travel Association that will be held in San Diego. The aircraft will arrive from JFK sometime Saturday and takeoff back to JFK @ 0850 PST August 4, 2013 as AA12. Here are a few links to the AA flight schedules page that has more info:

Itinerary: (type in: SAN-JFK on Aug. 4 '13)

Seats available (as of May 15 1723 PST):

Interesting, thanks for posting, flight on the 3rd not showing yet but the return on the 4th is in.

Still can’t believe AA went with 10 seats across in coach.

I heard that the Aug 3 JFK-SAN flight is not available for sale and is transporting VIPs to the convention. Due to this, I dont think AA will put the flight up on their website for a little while or at all. Hopefully, though, FA will be able to track the inbound flight because I will be very eager to see it.