American Airlines 61


i was hit the random flight button and it popped up with this flight. this flight has aready been diverted 2 times going from DFW-NRT. its true flight plan became dallas-calgray-kansai. so i was just wondering why it got diverted twice. thanks


AA not having much luck on that route lately. The other day AAL175 diverted to PASY due to a cargo fire indication.


Been to Shemya (PASY) a few times on fuel stops. A cold, hard rock in the middle of nowhere.


Flight 61: High oil temp, left engine, shut down, YYC closest AA city for 777. A ‘rescue’ 777 flown with fresh crew from DFW, picked pax, continued to Narita. Mechanics, with tools and parts, flown on scheduled flight from DFW to fix. Next day, mechanics, original crew returned airplane to DFW.

Flight 175: landed at Shemya, inspected (no actual fire), continued to Anchorage. Rescue 777 (same as above) took pax on to Japan. After recharging fire bottles in front belly, the next day original crew ferried it back to DFW where it was put OTS (OuT of Service) for inspection.


Flight 2134 from Caracas, Venezuela to Miami, Florida, on August 26, 2010, diverted to San Juan, Puerto Rico because of a problem with the hydraulics.