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Alton Brown

Anyone know the reg of Alton Brown’s Cessna 414?

According to Wikipedia, he owns both a Cessna 206 and Cessna 414. Both are probably registered under another name. I couldn’t find any aircraft registered to an Alton Brown in the FAA registry. I also couldn’t find any Cessna 206/Cessna 414 registered at the same address.

I found Alton Brown soloed in Cessna T206H, registration N915WC, at Superior Flight School. This aircraft is currently registered to Zions Credit Corp in Salt Lake City. I didn’t see any Cessna 414’s registered to this company.

Well he lives outside Atlanta and read he is based at RYY (Marietta). The FAA shows a 414 N628JW registered to a Kaplan Executive Management in Marietta. A search at the Georgia Secretary of State website shows the secretary at Kaplan is one Alton Brown with his wife Deanna as CEO, so looks like that’s it.


Nice job, gents. Thanks

Looks like Alton sold the 414… any clues what he’s flying now? I’m gonna bet he’s upgraded again… Cuthroat kitchen doing well, and his tours are selling out everywhere. I didn’t find anything else registered to Kaplan… hmmmm.

This thread is somewhat creepy.

No creepyier than the thousands of posts in the NASCAR thread…