AltitudeChange, AltitudeStatus blank with GetLastTrack()


When I call GetLastTrack(“AAR767”) the AltitudeChange and AltitudeStatus properties come through blank even during landing and takeoff.

Is it official that GetLastTrack() does not support AltitudeChange and AltitudeStatus?


altitudeChange is “C” or “D” or " " depending on whether the immediately previous altitude was climbing or descending, and not necessarily the recent trend. If there are two sequentially reported positions with the same altitude, then the climb/descend indication may legitimately be shown as blank. I just verified that I can find climbing flights that return “C” from InFlightInfo, so it appears to be working.

altitudeStatus is mostly a legacy remnant… I’m not sure if it ever returns a non-blank value.


Thanks. I know that it works from InFlightInfo() but my question is what about from getLastTrack().