All Star Game


(warning - this is admittedly a stretch as an aviation topic) I was impressed with all of the security at the All Star game last night. I took the ferry boat over and we had a coast guard helicopter circling the boat the entire way to the stadium (after a thorough pre-boarding search) and armed coast guardsmen aboard. There were multiple military helicopters circling the stadium when we arrived as well as a fleet of military and police boats patrolling. Someone said that there was also underwater security. Metal detectors and bag searches to get inside. Armed security was everywhere in the stadium and there were several teams of heavily armed SWAT and FBI in ready rooms. It felt like the safest place in the US. It still didn’t help the NL to win however.


Congrats to Ichiro on his inside-the-park homer.

3 for 3, 2 singles, a HR, and 2 RBIs.

Way to go AL!!! 10 W’s in a row!


ich-i-ro - ICH-I-RO - ICH-I-RO !!!


While I give Ichiro full credit for that hit, it was pretty quirky - it hit a corner on a bumper on the right field wall and took a quirky bounce. While a Giant’s fielder would know about it, even an All Star ‘newbie’ didn’t and it cost an extra 1-2 bases. Ichiro really flew (note the relevant flying reference) around the bases.


Glad to see the AL will get home-field advantage again in this year’s World Series…Now, if the Indians can MAKE IT to the fall classic, I’ll be thrilled. Go Tribe!


Care to make it interesting?