All Airport Locations Appearing on Maps

Please forgive me if this is a localized issue or has already been addressed.

It would seem that all airports are appearing on an individual airport page. For example, when I check KJQF it’s now showing me all regional airports instead of just JQF and CLT.

I just noticed it this week, thought it may be a glitch, but after having persisted for nearly a week I thought I would see if this is a permanent feature. It’s really only an issue when you want to check for a particular carrier or aircraft type. All major airports appear on the map rather than just the origin and destination airports. It makes me map difficult to read.

This is a new feature to allow the positions of nearby airports to be seen. If you wish to disable it, you can click the “+” button on the right side of the map and unselect the “Nearby Airports” option.

It’s a great feature! I’m glad you did it. This was something I suggested last year. I have a few more ideas to embellish it, if you’re interested.

Okay, why does this option keep turning itself off once a day? This is something that I would always want to stay on.

Suggestions for further improvement: instead of having all locations in yellow and aircraft blips in green, how about color coding each one? For each airport that does not have any scheduled arrivals or departures, reduce the font and change the color to a neutral white.

I noticed there is an unmarked spot where Saratoga is located (5B2). Why not mark it? And include any other ones that have been left omitted.

Okay, now not only is Saratoga gone, so is Schenectady, Glens Falls, Griffiss, Bennington, Rutland, Pittsfield, and Keene. Why?