AlertId of Receiving Push Notifications for the same flight

According to the docs, the body of Push notification:

			        "long_desc": "DAL116 arrived at KATL (Hartsfield-Jackson Intl) at 04:11PM EST from KTPA (Tampa Intl)",
			        "short_desc": "DAL116 arrived at KATL from KTPA",
			        "summary": "DAL116 arrived at KATL from KTPA",
			        "eventcode": "arrival",
			        "alert_id": 123456,
			        "flight": { ... }

Lets say I have two users, who subscribed to the same flight (it means, I will have two different AlertIds for each of the user). When I am reading the the docs, I see alert_id on example of JSON Push notification, does it mean I will receive two pushes for the same event for each user?

When subscribing to alerts using the FlightXML SetAlert endpoint each alert will be triggered independently and contain their unique alert_id value even if they are very similar.

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Even if they are identical? @dogrock