alert trouble on"departed" in advanced options since saturda

My alerts via mobile email stopped working saturday for “departed” in advanced options.
Notifications shows its been sent but it hasnt. I deleted and reinstalled the alert
several times. I did received alerts for “arrived” but not “departed” something happened
since this past Saturday Feb,9 2013. Its been working everyday for 6 years with only
a occasional hickup and testing the verizon service has worked everytime. Can someone
at flightaware check it out.

Your alerts appear to be sent and delivered successfully.

You can can use this secret, magic URL to see the delivery confirmations for your recent alerts and verify that they’re being successfully delivered to the BB server on your end.

Interestingly, I just handled an identical support request from another user – also not receiving depature alerts (and only departure alerts). Even more odd, that user is also a blackberry user at the same destination domain that you are.

I wonder if there’s a spam filter at your provider that is triggering on some string which is contained in our departure alerts.

Thanks for the info. I have checked all the blocking options vtext (verizon) offers
and I am blocking nothing. I received a flight plan filed ok alert text, but still no departure.
I dont know how I can fix this. I am just using the texting option via mobile emai
to a simple cellphone. Too bad after all these years. Thanks for the quick post.