Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta (88 photos)

I arrived Wednesday night. Thursday was a wash, too much wind and bad weather. Friday morning a few balloons inflated but no flying. Enjoy!


Saturday morning the outlook was good and the sky clear. The photos below are from Saturday morning and then Saturday night glow. Sunday morning I took one single photo of the mass ascension

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I’m used to seeing the balloons, but some of the designs on those now are just great! the spiderpig, butterfly, Smurf mushroom house (lack of a better description)… brilliant designing (lot of corp. sponsorship, too). Some of those shots would also make great material…

My favourite has to be the balloon wearing shades showing the other balloons coming is way with the :shocked: look on his face.

though I’m surprised that no-one pulled out an Angry Birds balloon… :stuck_out_tongue:


Somebody stole 12 of your pictures! There’s only 88 here (at least, that’s what the source indicates).

What’s with the Russian?

Thanks for the pictures, I greatly enjoyed them.