Alaska - PAFA to PANC flights

I’ve been looking at the commercial traffic between these two airports and noticed that all of the flights are at odd level, which kind of contradicts the NEODD-SWEVEN rule. Looking at a map, it is obvious the flight direction is to the southwest. Any thoughts? :unamused:

It could be due to RVSM

When you look at the track on the Flight Aware map, choose the Aviation Sectional option. You will notice by looking at the compass rose that the route is actually about 170 degrees, not southwest at all. I wish I could actually explain the cartographic reason why the map appears this way :slight_smile:

Check for information on map projections and why some don’t accurately show directions.

You’re right about the course, it never registered with me that the map projection is what screwd me up.
To test things I fired up my FS9 simulator and Voila! the track is roughly 170 indeed.

Thanks guys. :slight_smile: