Alaska Airlines looks to Hawaii

I vote YES! Maybe Alaska or Southwest will buy Aloha Airlines (all 737-700 fleet).

WestJet does it out of Vancouver BC with 738.

The news article:

Aloha doesn’t have an all 737-700 fleet. They still have -200 and -200C versions.

Don’t know about Alaska but if Southwest bought Aloha, they would not use the -700s on flights to Hawaii but rather on mainland flights. They are getting to a point where they need aircraft for their existing and mainland expansion. They would continue to use ATA for their Hawaiian flights.

Yes, I wasn’t clear about that. Mainland service via all 737-700 fleet.

If SWA bought Aloha, they would likely acquire their fleet (and other assets) only needing to add fewer aircraft to provide high frequency service from all west coast cities. They might logically dump the -200’s quickly.

Those -700s are so small I doubt that AS would ever use them for Hawaii flights. I expect the 737-900ER to fly that route, if they’re going to buy them.

You don’t seem to understand. SWA would use the -700’s for routes within the mainland, not “high frequency service from all west coast cities.”

High frequency flights between Hawaii and the mainland would not be practical or, more importantly, profitable for Southwest.

I think the -700 is a good size for flights to Hawaii from both the northwest and smaller cities along the west coast. Alaska, as far as I know, hasn’t ordered any -900ER aircraft. Their -900 standard aircraft seat 172 (16F 156Y). I think that would be too large of an aircraft from most west coast cities. (The exceptions are SFO and LAX).

Aloha is doing pretty good with their 737-700s.

You don’t seem to understand. SWA would use the -700’s for routes within the mainland, not “high frequency service from all west coast cities.”

I do understand your point about SWA using -700 to grow their existing routes within USA.

IF (and that’s a big IF) SWA took over Aloha, they would have the Aloha fleet. It would not take significantly more aircraft to apply the SWA formula of high frequency service with 737-700 single class config from western cities. They have 81 on order now and that can be increased quickly.

Aloha just brought in a new chairman while retaining the old chair on the board. Frequently they bring these guys in to beef up and sell the biz.

Has Southwest ever bought ANY airline? A quick perusal of Google failed to find anything other than the competition buying other airlines in order to wage war against Southwest.

But then there is this item:

“LONDON – British Airways, the world’s second-largest carrier, is close to announcing plans to merge with U.S. low-fare carrier Southwest Airlines, according to sources at both airlines.”

Southwest bought Morris Air* in 1993.

Southwest also held a minority interest in ATA and still have a code share with them.

*Morris Air President Dave Neeleman left SWA to help start WestJet in Canada then went on to start JetBlue.

Alaska is looking in Hawaii’s direction…but not at buying Aloha or any 200’s…we’re already getting rid of our old 200/200C’s. The only planes we’re interested in are 800’s which are used on the longer routes along with 700’s. :laughing: Those would probably be the best bet for what ASA would use on those routes…and those of us that live here in the artic would LOVE it!

You do realize this is a farce, right?

In addition to Morris Air, Southwest also purchased Transtar. They were a competitor started by ex-officers of Southwest. They operated MD80s and was the nation’s first non-smoking airline in the USA (this was before smoking was banned by the government).

You do realize this is a farce, right?

Yes – and a dami good one at that.

Thanks, guys, for the Morris and Transtar tidbits. I d idn’t know about those.

Alaska’s soon to be delivered B738 N559AS is currently performing ETOPS test flights from Boeing Seattle as N6067E and will operate to Hawaii once FAA approval is obtained.

Look up BOE438 on the tracker.

What’s the source for Alaska operating to Hawaii? Don’t they already have a codeshare with Hawaiian for that?

I think the main reason for Alaska getting ETOPS for its 737-800s is so it can fly more directly to places such as Cancun. Currently they need to route closer toward the shore when flying there from the northwest

Er sorry, disregard the comments about operating to Hawaii. I’m getting confused with another carrier and got mixed up. I believe you are right about the Mexican flights being able to fly further out from the coast yes, although that’s beyond by knowledge depth to be truthful. :smiley: