Al Gore private aircraft?

With the risk of a crap load of “father-of-the-internet” comments…I keep hearing about the private aircraft that Al Gore flies around in to promote his global warming junk, but I can’t find any documentation as to what type of aircraft or tail number. I’ve tried Google, Yahoo,, and Anybody have any knowledge of this? I’m curious about just how big a hypocrite he is. :smiley:

Al Gore invented the private jet!

Shhhh! That’s an inconvenient truth!

I’ve heard it’s a G3. I’d assume info on it is blocked.

His rational is that the contrail of his Gulfstream is somehow saving the planet by blocking out the full effect of the sun’s energy. If it weren’t for Gore, we’d be all burnt up good, real good! :wink:

We wouldn’t have this discussion board either because, after all it is part of the internet. :wink:

“Tick, tock…” (I borrowed that good line from someone else’s post.) Meanwhile, to contribute, I’d say I was wondering the same thing but there seems to be no information. But that’s par for the course. :smiling_imp:

The way the world seems to work, he probably flies on a guzzling old 707 (no hush kit) with TWO leaky fuel lines…You know, the ones that left 4 long black streaks across the sky for minutes after the a/c was out of sight… :wink:

Actually, he did during his Vice Presidency.

[quote=“DECEMBER 7, 1997”]Gore’s plane, a Boeing 707 gas guzzler burns on average 4.1 gallons a mile.
The complete Washington to Florida to Washington to Alaska to Japan and
return to Washington trip calculated from commercial air mileage tables is
just over 16,000 miles total. Gas gallons needed for AIR FORCE II to go
16,000 miles: 65,600. Applying the average price of $2.01 per gallon of
Jet A to the 16,000 mile r/t – the fuel cost alone passes $131,000.00.
There are 6.7 pounds per gallon of jet fuel. Total pounds of fuel burned on
Gore’s Global Warming Express – 439,500.


What’s the general cost of a gallon of jet/A now-a-days? The local airport sells it at ~ 3.49/gallon.

My FBO has a bulk rate on Jet A of $3.16 currently. That would total over $207,000 for the trip from above.

A different question is:

How much of that price is tax?

Is there state tax on avgas/JetA or just federal?

Gore is a trouser snake. A few searches lead me to believe he charters a lot of flights. Here is a link to an old article detailing him burning almost 500,000 lbs of Jet A to give another green lecture. … 826B2C3%7D

At least that annoying freak “Ed” on TV actually walks the walk instead of just talking the talk. I think he and Gore are both idiots but at least I have a modicum of respect for ol’ Ed…

If I remember correctly, when Algore came to Boise in January I tracked a Nashville Jet Charters, Inc. jet into Boise and out to South Dakota where he spoke next. So, it was likely one of the planes on their site: I believe they used a flight number instead of the tail number - NJC####.

When was the old 707 decommissioned? I found photos of the 752 which currently serves as the primary AF2 in service as early as September 1998:

I wonder how accurate that Drudge story is; it’s hard to imagine a 707 being taken to Japan that recently for a vice-presidential flight. But who knows…

I think the 707 has since been retired for the 757. They do touch n go’s at KMDT all the time with the 757. I think the 707 is at Wright Patterson now.

I do however think it was still in service during the Clinton/Gore years.