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Airspy.us C6 Antenna?

Anyone know anything about the C6 antenna being sold over at airspy.us? How does it compare to FlightAware’s antenna?


I’ve been wondering the same, but already purchased a stack of antenna for my $50 and under shootout for side-by-side comparisons. It gets too pricey after awhile. Would love to see some side-by-side tests between the FA 26" (leader of the <$50 units), DPD, AirNav and Jetvision offerings along with any other higher priced antenna I may have skipped, but an unbiased person would go broke - I don’t want to be that person.

I am pretty sure that you will see almost no difference. These antennas are optimized to the max and i would be surprised if it could do a visible miracle.

I am using the original from Jetvision where Flightaware is a customer of.
If you get a Feeder from FA in Germany, they deliver this antenna with it.

Wondering why they make a difference in dBi and dBd. This confuses customers who think “higher is better” while it’s not comparable

Found this:
Gain in dBd = gain in dBi - 2.15 dB

That means that the antenna does have around 5dBI which is the same as all competitors in this price range