Airspy Misc

Good afternoon,

I am just confused, or maybe my memory is in a terrible condition. I cannot recall that in my Graphs1090 the Airspy Misc looked like this:

If I remember well ??? on top of the graphs I only saw my gain 19 or 20, as I have set my gain on automatic.
Today I suddenly see the Preamble Filter with 60 on top. I didn’t change anything. Perhaps I am totally wrong, so I hope some one is willing/able to explain this.

Please share your airspy config. Without that it’s more like guessing…

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Looks much the same as mine.

Thank you for showing

Guess I am losing my mind. But I am almost certain I saw gain on top.

With samplerate 20 the preamble filter would be less if you’re limited on CPU.

Just check the graphs further back? A year?

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