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Airspy Mini Help

It’s a desktop. Thanks for the good info. I wasn’t sure it would get powered from the USB port. My HABAmp 3 LNA is powered by 5V into the header.

I’ve tried putting the blue filter ahead of the LNA - that’s how I had it at first - and found I got better results putting it after the LNA. Like, a lot better.

Thanks again!

That does not matter as long as the USB specifications are given.
It can be a bit sensitive on a Raspberry if not using a sufficient power supply for the device itself.

The results beeing a lot better is a bit surprising to me. But maybe i am not that expert on RF
There might be others who can explain better

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I wish I could remember the date I moved the blue filter between the LNA and the Airspy so I could go back and look at the graphs, but I don’t. That’s how I measured the better performance. The aircraft seen and ads-b tracks jumped up 10 percent or more and remained higher.

It may have something to do with the HABAmp. It’s old and I don’t have the specs. I emailed Anthony Stirk who built the HABAmp, but he no longer had the documentation.