AirportInfo returns truncated city

[14:06:37] [INFO] [dku.utils] - KLAX
[14:06:37] [INFO] [dku.utils] - Los US

City name should be “Los Angeles”, not “Los”.

My code is:

list_of_airports = []
for airport in airports:
    print airport
    AirportInfo = {}
        AirportInfo = flightaware({'airport_code' : airport}, 'AirportInfo')[u'AirportInfoResult']
        print AirportInfo[u'city'], AirportInfo[u'country_code']
        AirportInfo['airport_code'] = airport
    #AirportInfo['iata'] = airport -- join later in DSS!
    AirportInfo[u'timestamp'] = time.time()

The problem also applies to other airports, for example Sao Paulo.

Thank you for the info on this. I have created a ticket to our developers for them to look into the issue. It appears it is not providing anything after the space for cities that have a space in their name.

It works correctly in FXML2 if you want to grab a key for FXML2, you can. FXML2 charges per query made instead of a flat monthly fee.

But what about FXML3?
When will this be fixed?

This should be fixed for FlightXML3 as of yesterday.

Thanks, now (for Los Angeles) all right !