Airport Surface Coverage


Hi , i have just noticed this new added feature on flightaware " Airport Surface Coverage " what does it exactly mean / do … my nearest FF receiver airport is GMMW / NDR

thank you


Thank you for feeding data. The airport surface coverage map simply displays ground positions received that are on the selected airfield. If you are able to see ground positions on the Dump1090 map, then it is likely you are contributing to the surface coverage.


Thank you Sir !


Two weeks ago this function worked for Simferopol Int’l, Simferopol (UKFF/SIP).
This week: “No sample data currently available.” What does this functionality depend on?


The surface coverage map is data collected over roughly the past week.


I did not notice any changes in the Coverage Distribution of the two neighboring FlightFeeders. Therefore it seems strange.


In my opinion, I understood what was happening. One station has a large viewing area, but does not see aircraft below 300 meters above the runway. The second station has a small viewing area, but sees planes at the airport. At some point Flightaware began to prefer for tracking only one station with a large viewing area.


That is not really how it works; the data processing does not prefer one station over another.


There appears to be an anomaly with KFLL’s ADS-B surface coverage depiction.

i.e. There IS none.


The surface movement maps are still in beta from what I was told and it should be common to expect some bugs in the display of the data.



I didn’t realize it was still in BETA phase.


FlightFeeder’s data displayed in Virtual Radar today. I’m sure that this data is ignored.

I’ll try to conduct an experiment with the creation of a temporal Piaware station with direct visibility to the airport.


Note that

(a) ground positions are not usually considered part of a flight so they don’t appear on flight tracklogs
(b) the surface position display is in beta and in some areas all data is being dropped from the coverage map.

so there’s not really much point in looking at this data until at least (b) is fixed.

Looks like you have a network problem to your FlightFeeder; the wifi is flapping. That may be contributing to the problem as if there’s no connection from the FF to FlightAware’s servers, then data received while the connection is down is lost.

To reiterate what I said above, there’s no selection of one receiver over another; positions are selected based on what data actually arrives, not which receiver it arrives from.


Little progress, again data was displayed on the map

Sample data collected over 7 days, ending on 02-Apr-2017