Airport Pulldown List (Photos)

Hi. I checked a bit but haven’t seen any previous posts about this, so it may be my computer but I’ll ask … Not all airports are listed on the pulldown list in the Photos section. Case in point: KTRK has 13 pix but is not available on the list; KSPZ has one pic (mine) but is not listed. Are there any other airports not listed? I can find the photos if I enter the airport code and hit SEARCH, so it’s not a major issue UNLESS I don’t know the code. Are there other airports not shown on the pulldown?
Ooops, I guess I’d better clarify >> Yes, I know the airport codes when I post pics, but I can’t view pics from other members if I don’t know the codes (ie: smaller regional airports). I like viewing everyone’s pics and I was using the pulldown; that’s how I discovered some a/ps not on the list. I had taken for granted that ALL airports having a pic in the gallery were shown on the list; just wondering if I am wrong, is all.