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Airport location not showing?


Hello all,
I have noticed that in the upper right hand corner on my main page that my airport location is no longer
showing up ? Has there been a change in something ? Every thing seems to be normal except missing
airport location picture. Not a big deal,just curious ?

Thanks in advance for any replies.
N7DPX / Lakeside,AZ.

Map on user stats page gone

Yes that map was removed to better optimize page performance. You can still view your location on a map via the gear icon (configure location).

Map on user stats page gone
Cannot specify location

THANKS,for the heads up…

Steve / N7DPX


Is there any plan to replace the map?

I ask because the current “View Anomaly” indicator is unsatisfactory for those of us with more than one site.
Specifically, I currently have a failed site that is causing a “View Anomaly” flag (I’ll be there to fix it in ten days). However, if a second site fails, there is no additional indicator. Given I know one site is down, I expect to see the flag and have no reason to look for additional problems.
Showing sites in different colours (according to status) on the map would be a great way to see the status of multiple sites simultaneously.


We have no immediate plans to replace the map. You have some good suggestions about managing multiple sites. I’ll take these to our team for consideration as future enhancements. Thank you.