"[airport] is experiencing flight delays" alerts



I have some flight alerts established for specific aircraft types ( e.g. IL76 and A124 ) which work as expected.

However, FlightAware frequently sends me e-mails when an airport, through which one of those types passed on a previous flight, is experiencing flight delays. Just because an An-124 staged through Anchorage in 2014 doesn’t mean I want to know when there are delays at that airport… In fact these alerts by far out-number the actual flight alerts that I have established and are quite distracting.

Is there anyway to disable this? I can’t find a setting.




The airport delay alerts are triggered for each specific day that a flight operates that matches your alerts criteria. If an A124 flew through Anchorage in 2014, it will not continue to send you airport delay information for other days where they do not have an A124 either arriving or departing Anchorage. Currently the airport information alerts cannot be turned off. For example I noticed you received an alert for KIAH delays on April 1. This alert was triggered because there was a flight (VDA2075) operated by an A124 arrived on March 31 local time which would be April 1 in the UK. You did not receive a flight alert for this flight because the options in your alerts were not selected. You can pull up your alerts here: flightaware.com/account/manage/alerts
Once you open each individual alert, under option 3 “where should we send the alerts” you’ve chosen “advanced options” but you didn’t select which “options” alerts you wanted (scheduled, departure, arrived, canceled, diverted).

Please let us know if you have any other questions.