Airport imforation


Hi there,

I have several questions regarding the api:
1, Is there a way to get current airport information, i,e, average delay in arrival and departure?
2, How do I get both the actual arrival time and scheduled arrival time for a certain flight?
3, During development using FilghtXML API, do we get a free version to play with or we have to pay from the very beginning?

thank you very much!


Summarized airport delay information is not currently available through FlightXML, however you can look at the recent flights involving an airport and compare the actual times with the scheduled times to detect trends. For example, use the “Search” function (with “-origin KJFK”) and compare the actualdeparturetime with the filed_departuretime that is returned by the “FlightInfoEx” on the faFlightID.

The scheduled arrival time is not directly available, but you can calculate it from “FlightInfoEx” by adding the filed_ete to the filed_departuretime. That same function also includes the actualarrivaltime.

We do not offer a free trial, however you can signup with a credit card to use FlightXML and you will not be charged until you reach the first $5 of usage (generally between 500 to 5000 queries, depending on which functions you call).