Airport Identifier Change


Beaufort County Airport is no longer 73J…it is now KARW. Can someone at FlightAware make the change to show the new code???


I asked Flightaware to change this on June 20th. They must not be serious about keeping info current.


If I recall correctly we fixed this when it was reported, but last weeks updated AIS data from the National Flight Data Center changed it back to the old code. I’ll have someone look at it Monday.


Hey, there’s a safe bet. Blame FA as either indifferent or incompetent, not that the problem might be systemic.

I guess you also want your money back?


Thank you! :slight_smile:


Well I didn’t pay anything for the service, but FA appears to have given me “Cookies”. How do I retrieve these free cookies from Internet Explorer to consume. I’d like chocolate chip please.

#7 now works, map doesn’t work yet.