Airport Happenings

Fire at Arlington (TX) Municipal Airport KGKY

“DFW| Arlington| 1 Alarm Fire| | Municipal Airport|FD O/S with hanger fire. Heavy fire/fuel exploding. Defensive attack at this time| DFW156| 19:38”

“DFW| Arlington| 2 Alarm Fire| | Municipal Airport|U/D: FD rpts metal walls bowing, fuel exploding in a hanger fire. Defensive attack only| DFW156| 19:41”

Per e-mail report:
“afd3 fg is saying they are going to shut the airport down. i’m not
hearing any unicom traffic on 123.075 which is usually active in the
afd3 fg = Arlington FD Channel 3 (Fireground)


A “defensive attack” on a fire essentially means that the structure interior will be allowed to burn. No personnel will be inside the structure or on the roof, for fear of building collapse or explosion. The fire department will pour water (or chemicals) on the exterior of the structure and attack what they can get to from the outside. The battle is essentially to keep the fire from spreading to other buildings.

A more free-form interpretation of “defensive attack” is “This fire got too much of a head start and is a lost cause. Let’s not get anyone killed over it.” It can also be assumed that no one is trapped in the burning building.

Nine single-engine planes and several automobiles were lost at that fire at Arlington (TX) Municipal Airport KGKY.

A news story and video clip are available at: … 81556.html

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As a side note, those who get police scanner alerts by e-mail or pager will recognize the universal abbreviations “IFO” and “IAO” as ‘in front of’ and ‘in the area of’. I had just begun a training period as a 911 call-taker when I took a call for a response to a traffic accident and typed in the location as “Rte.## IFO Wal-Mart”. Four different people immediately asked me what “IFO” meant, and I was instructed to stick with abbreviations that could be easily understood.

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