Airport Facility Directory (AFD)


Is AFD available in ?


Why should it be? Check out Airnav.

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Yes – not sure why CessnaCitationX would use an antiquated site. You can enter an airport code on the left side of any FlightAware page and click “View Airport Information” to see airport information, approach plates, fuel prices, etc.

Or browse:


Is the Apt Info on FA updated every 56 days? I haven’t really looked at that section. Then it has definitely been updated since I became a member.


The FAA data every 56 days, the fuel prices every week for popular airports, every couple weeks otherwise, the approach plates every 28 days.


Antiquated :smiley: or not, does include METAR feeds for our local field, 1A6, as well as TAF from nearby KLOZ. I mentioned the lack of the appearance of the METAR feeds in a post last October after the FlightAware weather features were added for airports.

Why doesn’t FlightAware pick up this airport’s (1A6) METAR data?