Airport Code "FW"


For the past few days, all American Eagle flights from DFW to TYR are coded as from “FW” (invalid), instead of the correct DFW. Since it is an invalid airport code, no information other than “Delayed” appears and has remained there for several days. Any suggestions?


They all look fine to me; where are you seeing flights from ‘FW’?



Check out in the enroute section.

You put TYS.



Ah, yea. Looks like the operations folks just made a typo and then refiled correctly. The flight plans from FW should expire within 24 hours.


Airport code “FW” (invalid) still lives for flights to TYR. This has gone on since 10-27-07. I guess we will learn to learn with it.


Yep, either that or contact the Eagle flight ops folks.