Airport closer for four months

  • :smiling_imp: * Civil aviation authority decided to close the runway at ??? airport for four months between 12:00 to 16:00  for maintenance , there was no pre advice for airlines to reschedule their flights , only one month notice wasn’t enough  , closer for such period should be published at least before six month specially no other choice  as the operation at airport  based on single runway , oh oh I need to leave this area where I can find positive planning , creative ideas , someone can share and listen to me please if you have any vacancies anywhere am ready

Take a flight before 12:00 or after 16:00?

What, you’re not having fun in Sudan? You just have to learn to never try to apply logic or common sense to any problem. That way you blend right in. :smiley:

WHAT, you mean TLing (thinking logically) does not exist around here? :open_mouth:

John in Saudi