Airport changed names

Palwaukee (KPWK) is no longer “Palwaukee.”

It is now Chicago Executive Airport.

When should we expect to see this changed on FA?

Also, Manchester (KMHT) is now called Manchester/Boston Regional Airport.

I just LOVE these name changes. They (airport management/politicians) actually think they can increase traffic at their airports just by changing the name.

They changed the name of a local airport here from Hayward Air Terminal to Hayward Executive Airport. I haven’t noticed any major change in traffic.

Pilots aren’t stupid. They are going to fly to the airport nearest their destination that is suitable for their aircraft, regardless of the name of the airport.

Updated KPWK to the new name; the management actually stopped by our booth at NBAA and reminded us about this. Where do you see the change for MHT, cfijames?

I think it can be helpful, but it depends on the circumstances, I agree it can’t be deceitful. The new “Houston Executive Airport” is 40 miles from the city off the slowest, smallest freeway in town – easily an hour or 90min drive. Nobody is going to be fooled and everyone will continue to use KHOU (Hobby), which has 4 or 5 FBOs, approaches, and is 15min from town.

The symbol is still MHT but the official name is now “Manchester Boston Regional Airport”

It is not necessarily that they are trying to lure private planes into the airport but rather people looking to go to Boston commercially. They figure that by putting Boston in the name they will generate more passengers with people assuming that MHT is relatively close to Boston. If they are searching for fares from say LAX to BOS and MHT pops up with cheaper fares they assume that people will fly in into MHT and forgo Boston. Massport, who controls Logan (BOS) is not to happy as they feel that MHT is preying on people who don’t realize the driving distance between BOS and MHT. It still may be too early to tell if the name change has helped MHT as it occurred only a few months ago.

It’s not done for GA aircraft and pilots Dave, as Jimsig points out it’s an attempt to increase passenger load on commercial flights.

If you live in the NE suburbs of Boston it’s a lot easier to get to KMHT than Logan. Plus there’s the additional benefit of not having to worry about portions of a tunnel falling on you. :wink:

The airports I know off that have changed the names ARE General Aviation airports: PWK, HWD, etc. I know it happens with airline-served airports but I think it’s more prevalent among GA airports.

Newark International Airport (KEWR) renamed “Liberty International Airport” and referred to as either “Newark Liberty” or “New York Liberty” depending on your intentions.

People who say that also think that NY has more than one football team. :wink:

NY does have more than one football team.

NYC doesn’t! :wink:

Last time I checked, all they had were the Bills. :wink:

We need to formalize a change to one of the teams’ names in order to show the world the true provenance of the city’s NFL teams.

I vote for Jersey Jets simply for it’s better alliteration than Jersey Giants.

(Actually, I’m sentimental enough to want to remember Broadway Joe and the days when it wasn’t embarassing to root for the Jets!)

I was hoping that the Jets would get to build their west side Manhattan stadium just to remove the added confusion of having TWO NFL teams playing at the same stadium.

LOL, James. If you really live in a NE suburb of Boston, you don’t go through ANY tunnel to get to Logan. The tunnels are between Logan and the city center.

Also, those few of my relatives who still live on the MA/NH border still don’t think of KMHT when they think of flying.

What Manchester(-Boston) really needs is a carrier to fly the non-stop route Manchester NH / Manchester UK.

Yes, but if you live outside of the I95 Beltway taking it or I495 to I90 and then to the airport is the fastest way to get there. Even for those relatively close in, the new I93 is the preferred route and that takes you through all the new tunnel sections, especially the afflicted parts. Guess it’s been awhile since you were up north?

Ergo the name change at KMHT.

Sister-city flights would be very nice.

Well, it’s been about three years. When you talk about the “NE suburbs” of Boston, I think about Marblehead, Lynn, Salem, and on up to Newburyport and Haverhill. Places that are east of I-93, where it makes more sense to take I-95 and then head through Revere to East Boston. Stoneham, Reading and places where you’d use I-93 into Boston are not, to my mind, “NE suburbs”.