Airport autocomplete does not work

When I quickly type in an airport code and hit enter, a random airport is loaded. What appears to be happening:

Type “KJFK” for instance, as follows, and you will be taken to O’Hare:

Type K: the autocomplete loads, with KORD first.

Type JFK quickly: KORD loads. The autocomplete doesn’t move quickly enough. KORD stays highlighted with a small lag, and the enters the autocomplete highlight, rather than what the user actually typed.

Suggestion: Make the autocomplete an auto suggest. If I type KJFK, I should get JFK, regardless of what is suggested below. Otherwise, make the autocomplete move faster.

Alternatively, if you vary your typing speed of “K-J-F-K” (or any other valid airport) you can get the error “Unknown or Invalid Airport Code” - “If you don’t know the airport code…”

This hand holding for slow typers and aviation illiterates is probably great for grandma tracking the grandkids coming to town but is really frustrating for power-, nay normal, users.

I have found that if I am midway through typing in a new code when the timed update happens KORD defaults then loads.

A slight modification was made to the way this works, the first result will no longer be automatically focused allowing you to just type and hit enter.

Thank you. Sometimes automation becomes overkill. And sometimes the easy stuff gets overlooked.